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August 31, 2012

Today we’ve been finishing the last details of cleaning our apartment. All that remains inside is a box of cleaning supplies to be donated to a friend. These last few days have been cooler and the late summer rains have set in upon us. I could complain about that. But I’m grateful it cooled down for our move. We will have plenty of sunshine once we reach West Texas! I am grateful for the chance to spend a few years in Europe.


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January 31, 2012

I am grateful for the chance to spend a few years in Europe. I always find interesting things when I go shopping. I thought I would show you the cultural or import foods aisle at our local Globus. Globus is a humongous store similar to a full service Target or Walmart. The import aisle has Asian and American foods!

When you first walk in, there are shops along the entryway such as liqueurs, gift shop with Hallmark cards in Deutsch, a flower shop, an Asian imbiss (fast food), a Backerei (bakery), and a Deutsch imbiss with bratwurst, brotchen (bread), chicken, bier (beer), and of course pomme frites(fries).

Keep walking into the store and you will be in the office supplies, stationery, and gift wrap. Then it’s kitchen gadgets and seasonal items. Next is the children’s section with toys and clothing. And this is just the aisles against the outer right wall. This place is huge, I tell you. It’s very much like a Super Walmart. I get into trouble once I reach the grocery area. There are two aisles (4 sides) of European candies. I pretty much drool once I get there. I can spend two hours in the grocery area alone.

And for the finale, I always have to stop by the cheeses. Today I came home with two soft cheeses from Bavaria in southern Germany. I was in the mood for soft cheeses so I came away with two flavors of Brie: champignon (mushroom) and picante (pepper). I haven’t tasted the picante yet but the champignon is divine.




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